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Chennai Sex With Mom And Son - Made My Mom a Slut

India's No.① Largest Collection of Chennai Sex With Mom And Son Sex Story - Enjoy the Pleasure of Real Indian Sex Stories - Chennai Sex With Mom And Son - Made My Mom a Slut.

My mom's name is Padma ( name changed ) she is 42 now but doesn't look like...after reading this stories i build a fantasy to see my mom getting fucked by others or getting gangbangedd...and I made my fantasies come true

we are a family of 4 my self mom dad and a small sis who is in boarding. My dad works in Dubai and comes home once in a year.

let me introduce my mom to you she 42 5.6 in height and has got good body structure she is 36 32 38...after i built incest fantasies i started licking my moms used panties and wanted to see her getting fucked harder...

all this came true with the help of incest chat...i came across a guy 8 months back whos whole family is incest and has a good real estate business here in chennai this guys name is Amit and he is 23 yrs he fucks his mom, sis and aunt...amit has an uncle who is 40 yrs old and amit and his sis are born to this persons dick.

when i first started chatting with amit...i used to feel guilty sometimes having fantasies of mom...amit helped me get out of this fantasis by introducing me to his mom...three of us met in a was the biggest risk i had taken in my life...when we met i was shocked to see this lady Anitha, amits mom...she was 45 and was dressed like a slut and amit was proud saying hes son of such a whore...that day they took me to home as i was very tensed and couldn't speak my surprise their house was only 1km away from my place...i was much more tensed but happy to see three slut ladies amits mom sis and aunt....amits aunt was a real slut any man would like to enjoy her she was in her 30s....after sitting their for sometime...i expressed my fantasies in front of amit and the 3 females...saying i want to see my mom getting fucked with others and expressed anitha aunty that i feel guilty of it...anitha came and sat near me i was shivering with fear as i was taking a risk with strangers...she said no need to worry beta every female has a slut inside her and wants to get fucked...same will be the case with ur mom.

anitha then enquired about my family details, knowing my dads not at home she said it is easy as ur mom would be starving for sex...she can be easily seduced by Amits uncle...anitha aunty behaved in a very good manner with me saying...till amiths uncle fucks my mom i can have only her and can have amits sis and aunt only after mom gets fucked this was like a deal fixed.

they made me sit there for sometime as amits uncle was to come and talk to me...i sat there for 20 mins speaking to the 3 ladies and all of them were very hot amits sister was only 20 and was a whore...

when amits uncle came i was shocked to see him he was 6 feet and well built person no wonder even amit was tall...he came and sat and aunt started explaining him everything...i was very shocked and was sweating with fear...anitha aunty was sitting next to me...she kept her hand on my head and said no need to be afraid...lets get introduced to each others family and everything would be easyNow anitha aunty kissed me on my head and I was still in fear.I was very close to her and could see her cleavage.they took my mobile number and said that amit will be the first to get introduced to ur mom tomorrow and u will have to take him home with u.

I was shocked but was it was a thrilling feeling next day I took amit home and introduced him to mom he sat there for sometime and spoke to my mom and said come home sometime and my mom would be pleased to see you?and my mom smiled and said for sure she will visit his place.

We then went to amit's place and there he told me that she is going to be a good meal for his uncle and as well as him,he was describing his mom abt my moms assets and my dick was erect now. amit saw that started teasing me, his mom came to me opened my fly and started caressing my 7inch one and within seconds I came in her hand and she slapped me saying is this is what ur stamina.she asked me to undress my pants and I did so she now started sucking my cock and I was in seventh heaven and amit was watching this whole game within no time I was erect again and was moaning aunt saw this and asked if I wanted to fuck her I said yes within no time she was nude in front of me and amit and lying with legs opened on the sofa?now amit removed his dick and put it in his moms mouth it was bigger and thicker than me anitha aunty was now hot and rubbing her pussy?I was shocked in surprise then amit ordered me to come and enter her?.this was my first time?I went near her and tried entering the great hole?anita aunty caught my dick and guided it inside?.i went inside her and after few strokes I was over in her and she scolded me again for coming so soon?

Now amit came in front and took my position and I took amits position?amit had a great dick and stamina?.he entered her wet hole which was dripping with my cum and started fucking her hardly?.this slut was enjoying every stroke of him?.this time again in 10 mins I was over in her mouth and amit was still on?.amit came in her after next 15 mins and she was happy?.she sat there fingering herself and said?this is how a mother fucker is supposed to be?.we got dressed and spoke for sometime.

Now aunty said that she wants to see my mom after two days at her home?.
Two days later as per aunts words amit came to my home when I was there and said, I want to introduce you to my family and mom by saying this we took my mom to amits place and to my surprise I was shocked, anita aunty was dressed like a sweet housewife,
that day all of us had our lunch together at amits house and when we were about to leave 5 - 10 mins before we could think of leaving...amits uncle entered house and aunty introduced my mom to him and introduced uncle to mom saying he was his husbands bro...uncle was staring hungrily at moms assets and fuck my mom was blushing from inside in front of this strong man...after we reached home amit come home after us and took me out again...he again took me to his place where aunty was sucking uncles cock....he sais see what ur mom has done...she will be a real slut in 2 weeks and u will have pleasure watching her getting fucked like a whore i will make ur dream come true...i was happy and uncle started fucking anitha aunty on sofa, i was very hot and i gave my cock in aunts mouth.

after that day for 3 days mom didn't go out and the 4 day she said she is feeling bored and would like to meet anitha aunty...we got dressed mom was weaing a pink saree...i was afraid and i called up aunty that we are coming and will be reaching their place in 10 mins, I called them bcos i didn't want any sex scene to be going on there

when we reached amits home aunty uncle and amit were sitting on sofa and watching tv...both amit and uncle were shorts and aunty was wearing a nighty...after we had a chat for 10 mins amit said i have some work and why dont u accompany me...I said soon as we went out of the door amit pulled me aside and said today ur mom is going to heaven with uncle and two of his friends...i was shocked who two friends....amit said that two of his friends are sitting with aunt and his and will have ur mom in sometime

I was shocked and asked amit how?
Amit said dont be shocked just keep watching and took me one side of the house where they had a staicase and from where a view of the bedroom of accessible...he asked me to sit there and asked me not to move or make any noise...i sitting there for 10 minutes getting bugged without anything and it was bit hot outside....after 10 mins i saw anitha aunty and mom coming inside the room...anitha aunty open an almirah and started showing mom her new sarees as we all know women are mad for sarees and jewellery they both started sharing talks abt jewellery and sarees....anitha aunty got up and asked mom to try one of the sarees mom was happy and she started removing the saree...aunty said she will close the door as it will be comfortable for her to change the mom had removed her pink saree and was in her pink blouse and petticoat i could see her black bra from her blouse...anitha instead of closing the door waved her hand out of the door and i could see uncle had slowly slipped and sat down so that mom could not see him...she was wearing her saree aunty closed the door came to the back of mom.....I was shocked she held her mouth tightly and threw her on bed...uncle jumped on her and she was mom was stuggling and wanted to free herself but my poor mom uncle sat on top of her and aunty closed her mouth shut...she was fighting with aunties hands to free herself but she couldnt....uncle gave her a tight punch in her belly and said stop fighting else u will have more randi....i was shocked with that punch and felt pity for her...i was not in a position to stop them now....all of a sudden uncle removed her saree and lifted her petticoat uncle lifted her petticoat up and i could see her black panty visible uncle started running one of this hand on her panty and one on her breast she started moving her head and wanted to get free from aunt but she couldnt i could see tears from her eye and felt very bad she closed her eyes and let him do what he wanted to do...uncle slowly started caressing her boobs and removed her blouse and bra and i could see my moms huge boobs naked....he was still carressing her pussy from panty and was caressing her thights moms got awesome pair of thights....slowly he moved on to her panty and removed was not in a position to fight now...she was still sobbing and her voices were muffled...unclel now put 2 of fingers which was equal to dick in her pussy mom now arched her body and gave out a loud cry which was aunts hands covered my moms mouth...uncle understood that her pussy is thight and had not had sex from a long time...

Uncle now asked aunty to leave her free and aunty did so...after aunt left my mom free...uncle said look randi dont shout i will give you the pleasure which u never had and was fingering her pussy and increased the force a mom was shouting aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....plsssssssssssssss.......le ave meeeeeeee.....i cant take are hurting me...uncle was in no mood to listed to her...she was pleading uncle please leave me i am married and have a son.....uncle started blackmailing her and said....if u dont cooperate and let me do what i want to do...i will tell ur son that ur a slut...she was sobbing and now uncle removed his finger and started licking moms pussy which was full of hairs....he licked it for sometime and left some spit on her pussy which was for lubricating her pussy....

he them removed his tshirt and short....I was shocked to see his giant cock,,,,mom started crying and said pls leave me....i will die if u do sex with me...i have never such big thing i will die pls leave...uncle didn't listed a word...lifted her thighs and placed it in a comfortable position to him and started rubbing his dick on her hairy pussy....and slowly pushed it inside mom shouted aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........nooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooplsssssssssss stop...but uncle didn't listen and applied much force so that he could enter it again cried out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh pls stop uncle stopped for sometime and started licking her arm pits and was pressing her uncle started strocking her softly and for every stroke my mom let out different voices and was crying in paing....after 5 mins uncle increased the speed and my moms moans changed...i think she started enjoying at that point and all the time she kept her eyes thight closed and was holding the pillow....oh my god to my shock after 5-10 mens after 15 mins of her getting fucked she started shouting fuck me i am ur randi i am cumming give me uncle started fucking her real hard and she started shouting ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and she came for the first time.

for my surprise when she was cumming aunty was standing and watching the game and the two uncles who were with amits aunty and sis came into this room and were completely my mom had her eyes closed she didn't see them....and uncle was fucking her in full force this time and anitha aunty was sucking both of them one after the other to make there dicks erect they both got a erection in no time and to my surprise they were not as big as uncle but were thicker than uncle....

uncle was now fucking mom in full force and this bitch was enjoying and arching uncle increased the speed and i could hear pak pak pak sounds of their fucking....uncle made a groan aaaaaaaaahhhhh and came in her pussy he kisshed mom on her forehead and slowly mom opended her eyes and said pls leave me now and dont tell this to anyone i have enjoyed with u a lot....i have never had this good sex ever...uncle slowly got up from her and withdrew her mom gave a moan aaaaaaahhhhh...and i could see her whole pubic hair was with uncles cum...uncle got of her and said we will leave you and wont tell it to anyone and the only thing u have to do is to fuck my two friends now and then you can go home.

my mom was shocked when she saw both of them at their backs facing to her and aunt sucking them off...aunty left both of them and when both of them turned their bodies and faces
My mom had no choice except from getting fucked by these two huge dicks, the two uncles dicks where very thick, thick enough to tear my moms pussy into pieces, I was shocked to see them.
One of them came close to mom and wanted to part moms legs?mom stopped him and said?pls don?t hurt me and do It slowly I have never done it so fast and my husbands is not big as u people?I was shocked to listen my mom speaking in this way.

As soon as the uncle parted moms legs I could see all cum in her pussy, uncle slept on her started kissing and playing with her boobs for some time?then he put his dick in her cum dripping pussy and pushed it inside hardly and mom gave a loud shout..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeiiiiiiiiii pls no oooooooooooooooooo I will die?uncle didn?t listed to her?.now anita aunt was enjoying the game and giving blow job to amits uncle and the other uncle, and while the other uncle was fucking mom I could see mixed emotions in her face of relief, pain and enjoyment?she was playing with uncles hair and closed her eyes?slowly uncle increased her pace and I could listen my mom moaning and shouting sometimes aaaaaa oooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nooooooooooooooooooooo
Uncle increased her pace and I could make out that mom was cumming?.this uncle fucked mom for 40 mins and left her he had also cummed in moms pussy within no time the third uncle was ready and mom said no to her?then her came near her and said no worries darling I will take care of u my whore?.u will enjoy my dick a lot The third uncle didn?t last long he finished in 15 minutes and from my moms face I could make out that she was not satisfied with him, as soon as he finished and got off moms body, everybody came and sat near mom on the bed. She started crying and pleaded 4 of them not to tell this to anyone, aunty consoled her and told that nothing will happen and no body will know about this, she took her into the attached bathroom and I started shagging again sitting there, suddenly I could hear voice of my mom saying no please I canttttttttttttt I turned round to see in the room and was shocked, amit had enetered the room without any clothes and threw my mom on beb?.mom beta nahi tum mere bete jaise hoooooo please chodo mujhe..amit said when I can do with my mom why cant I do with you this shocked my mom and she was stunned with it, she gave up at this and lay calm on the bed as she had no stamina after getting fucked by three people, amit was fucking her badly and came in her pussy, anitha aunty came beside her and said that you have become a slut now and if you don?t listed to us then we will tell every one about you, she was shoked at this statement then aunt consoled her saying she will be well treated if she agrees to them, by saying this she got her dressed nicely as if nothing happened and took her to the hall, while I was still sitting there amit took my mom on his bike 10 mins after that, the I came down and went into the house, I was shocked to see the three people who fucked my mom were still naked I was shivering with fear and excitement, they made me sit in front of them and started saying about my mom, amits uncle said that she has awesome body and a tight chut. That day itself I stayed at amits place for next 2 hrs and fucked his sister and aunt and enjoyed a lot with them. While I was fucking amits sister she said that my mom is going to be a real slut in couple of days and there is no need to worry.

I reached home and said sorry to mom for being late and for not able to pick her up and drop at home, I was surprised when she smiled at me and said that its ok amit had dropped me, for 5 days things were alright on the 6th day from when mom was fucked amits mom called me and I rushed to their place, and my mom was at home sleeping as it was afternoon time. When I reached home amits mom kissed me and started caressing me for sometime then amit swithched on tv and said there is a good news for you when I asked him what he started playing a CD from the CD player. As soon as he started I was shocked to see my mom was in the same bedroom where she was fucked by three uncles wearing a blue saree, she was not aware that she was being filmed she was sitting there for 2 minutes when amits uncle came inside with another uncle they were just talking casually, then suddenly the other uncle came close to my mom and started pulling her pallu more shocking was when mom removed it by herself exposing her boobs he started kissing her on her boobs and was caressing her whole body slowly three of them got naked and I was shocked to see my mom had shaved her thighs and pussy she was looking a real slut, uncle was a ****** and had a huge and thick dick I was wondering how she will take it, this uncle name is Ahmed and is uncles partner cum maximum investor in business he started licking her pussy and was playing with her clits, mom was not in her control and came once on his tounge and he moved back then he slowly parted her legs and pussy lips and tried going inside her which was next to impossible he slowly put the dick on the entrance and gave a push, this pained mom a lot and she screamed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i immediately amits uncle shoved his dick into mouth and she was struggling in pain and was choking as amits uncle was inside her mouth, he slowly inserted more than half of this dick in mom lifted her and adjusted a bit now amits uncle removed his dick from her mouth and went out the room, ahmed ucle was moving slowly in her pussy mom had closed her eyes and was weired noises of pain and pleasure this was visible in her face she hugged ahmed uncle with her legs for deeper penetration this showed that she was enjoying him a lot this was going for a long time my dick was erect and amits mom was playing with it now, uncle fucked her for a long time and when he was finished fucking and took his dick out of mom I was shocked my moms pussy and legs were stretched and a lot of cum was coming of her pussym now amits sister came in to the room and gave ahmed uncle something, mom was still lying on bed ahmed uncle took this instrument parted moms legs mom was surprised to see what happening she tried to get up but she couldn?t as amits sister held her, he did something to my moms pussy which she was not allowed to see ahmed then called out a name jahangir I was shocked this guy was tall and was like a gunda, I looked at anita aunty and she said he is a local rowdy sheeter and helps uncle in business I was shocked aunty said there is no problem he is a good person by heart, by seeing him in the room my mom tried getting up but she was not allowed then jahangir said please daro mat mai apni pyas bujha kar chalajaoonga he became naked in a minute. Came to mom and said kya mast maal hai, he started kissing her and raving her whole body he played with her body for sometime and then slid his monster in moms pussy mom let out a moan uiiiiiiiiii he the waited for sometime adjusted her body and started giving her nice blows suddenly he stopped put his fingers on moms clits and started moving moving to and froo mom was enjoying this a lot this went for a long time and when he was done he said randi mujhe tera ghar pata hai I will come there regularly and fuck you mom was shocked and said please no my son will be there at home please give me your number I will call you when my son is not around. This was amazing

The cd was finished then I asked aunty as to when did this happen she said two days after fucking her for 1st time she was coming daily in the afternoon this amazed me, then I started fucking anita aunty on the same bed where my mom was fucked all the time, suddenly ahemed came in I stopped fucking anita aunty and sat on the bed then anita aunty said aaooo ahmed bhai, he asked as to who I was I wanted aunt to be quite but then she said arey kal jisko choda thana usika beta hai?then ahmed said ur mom is a nice slut, I have made a mark on her pussy did u see that, I was shocked then aunt explained the instrument shown in the video was a tattoo maker and ahmed had marked his dick size on moms pussy he said apne maa ke chut pe 10 inch ka mark hai, this aroused me a lot after finishing my session with aunt I started for home when I went home and wanted to enter the houe I could hear some noise from the kithen I wanted to see what is happening I peeped into the kitchen from the small opening of the window and was shocked to see Jahangir was fucking my mom one of moms leg was on the kitchen platform and one on floor she was struggling with pain but was enjoying the fuck she was without blouse and jahangir had raised her petticoat and saree to fuck her.
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