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Moments With Madurai Malar Maami

Hello readers, my name is Jaya Surya, everybody calls me Surya. I am 30 years old now, working as Staff Captain with a cruise ship. I have born and bought up in a middle class family in Bangalore. I did all my schooling and colleges in Bangalore itself. And I am basically from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. My dad was working with Electricity board, Bangalore. We were staying in Madiwala, Bangalore. I have a Brother and our family includes also we four. For last one year am a kind of regular reader of ISS. Whenever I get time from ship I read almost all stories then thought of sharing one of my real experiences. If u have any good or bad comments you can drop it.

This story happens when I was in my age of 18, when I was studying for +2 in Bangalore. Telling you all very frankly I was not much interested in sex. My interests were totally different. I was school basketball team captain. Whenever I get time I use to play basketball with my friends, and in that age I use to surf internet and learn lot of things about basketball. I can’t say I was bad in studies; I was even good in that also but not a rank holder or a class topper. And about my sex life I masturbate very rarely, coz in that age I believed that if I masturbate I will lose my stamina to play. Because I play a lot I really did had a good physique at that time. You all might be thinking, why should I say lot of histories about me and make you all bored. Even that’s also right. Why should I. Let’s start our story…

This story happened in my mom’s house, that’s in Madurai. We go to Madurai, twice every year; summer vacation and winter vacation. My mom’s village name is Vadagarai, it’s near to Madurai; very peaceful village with lot of paddy fields. One summer vacation we reached my mom’s place, I saw our aunty, her name is Malar, and she is in her age of 34 or something near to that. I’m sure she is not more than 36. And this aunty really cared me a lot when I was kid. And when I was kid I always play with my aunty. When we reached there she suddenly asked “Surya you become very tall and you look like a gentle man”, I really liked the comment, and then I said “it’s all because of my game” and looked on moms face. Coz my mom don’t like me playing basketball, she always want me study only. And I was very happy to see my aunty, I feel close to aunty coz whenever she calls mom, she always talk with me also. So I felt really happy and thought this vacation will be a good enjoyable vacation. That day finished with all the good foods, love and care from mom’s relatives and like that.
Telling u something about my aunty she is really a village beauty, She is dark in color with a perfect body shape, Long hairs, always lined eyes, at that time I dun know the figure but now I can say she will be 36-34-38, when she walks I can see her ass going left and right from her nightie. She always wears nightie in home. And her breast size is 34 c. She had large nipples that we could see it poking through her nightie. She had huge ass regardless of her fit body shape.

She is not much fatty. But she is not slim also; kind of medium size. And telling about her husband, tats my uncle he is 10 years elder to her and he is working in Dubai. He is very interested to make money and buy as much as paddy fields he can. Saying about kid’s aunty said uncle has some problems. So they had sex lot of times but aunty didn’t get pregnant. Finally uncle also lost interest. Next day morning Aunty called me in the morning and given me a cup of coffee. And it was by morning 8 o clock. She told me that she will take me and brother all over through the paddy fields and roam around. I was really interested to go, coz I really love that scenic beauty of paddy fields. So we started by around 10 o clock. My brother insisted to come because he got some friends there to play cricket.

Then I and aunty started together. We went to paddy fields and enjoyed the scenic beauty and there are lot of workers there. And the best thing I saw there is almost all the workers are young girls and they all works in their blouse and pavadai showing their cleavage and thighs. By mistake I had look at one of the beautiful girls cleavage, aunty caught me suddenly looked at my eyes and give me simple smile. Then she said “Surya, u really become big guy, I can’t make u stand here for long time”
I really put my face down with shy, she again commented
“Oh big guy have shy feeling and all uhhh?”

But I was really not shy I was really scared that mala aunty will say this incident to amma or not. When we were going back to home, I said to Mala aunty “plz don’t say this incident to amma”. She smiled and said “this is normal so don’t get scared” she said all the girls were looking at my body. Then I got little bit shy and asked why they are looking at me. Then she looked me angrily and said nothing. She said no need to know all those things if u don’t know. But I really know all those coz I have seen some porn movies with my friends. I saw all girls were looking at my bulge on my tracks suit. Telling u frankly, I have a six inch dick, long and thick by god’s grace. That day we went back to home we all were watching TV, its summer season, it’s very hot over there, I normally don’t use my t-shirt at home. So I was wearing only my black track suit. Mala aunty was sitting opposite to me and I was lying on a bed there. It’s a small room where they kept their TV. We were watching a movie suddenly actor is hugging actress and actor was wearing track suit and actress was wearing pavadai and blouse. Coz amma and everybody sitting there I acted like I’m not interested to watch this scene and took my face to Mala aunty. Then I saw Mala aunty starring on my hairy chest and suddenly she given me a smile. And she asked me “why” with her eye bros. Again she is showing amma sitting there with her eyes. I suddenly closed my eyes and in a pleasing way said “no” then she smiled and said dun wry. That day I went to sleep suddenly lost power. Then our grandma said its load shedding, power will come back after half an hour only. My bed room was on the top. Suddenly I saw kind of light coming towards my room I saw Mala aunty coming with a candle. I acted like I slept already coz I didn’t have enough courage to answer if Mala aunty asked me about anything. Mala aunty stood near the bed and looked on my bare chest and my bulge on my pants and left the candle there and left off. Somehow I slept of that day.

Again next day Mala aunty woke me up by a coffee. Morning she was looking at my bulge, unfortunately my dick was standing in its full power. Suddenly I got a comment from aunty
“seems like u had a good dream yesterday. Dreamed your GF uh? “
Suddenly I said “I don’t have GF and I’m not interested in GF s”
Aunty: “then u dreamed me uh?” With a different smile
me: no, I dint had any dreams.
Aunty: doesn’t look so. Hmmmmmm!

Then aunty went off, then I went to my bathroom to pee, then I realized my dick is standing with his full glory. That moment I started thinking in a wicked way, why must aunty say whether I dreamed her? Again thought she must be making fun of me. I should not see her in that way. She is my aunty who taken cares of me a lot when I was kid. I changed my thought and went down, I saw amma preparing to go to her sister’s house, and she is going with my brother. I said bye to them and they left. I was so bored and don’t know what to do. I saw Mala aunty cutting fishes for lunch. I went near her and I saw she is in a navy blue nightie and she kept her nightie till her thighs and she is holding knife with her leg. I can see her bare legs; there is not even one hair on her legs. I really went hot. Some kind of horny thoughts come to my mind. Even same time I can see her cleavage also. Coz she bend down and cutting fishes. I simply asked aunty “are you not feeling loneliness without uncle” she replied “why should I feel you all are here na” then she asked me to freshen up and she will give me breakfast. While eating breakfast she told me she needs to go to market to buy some meat and vegetables for dinner. And if I’m also joining her we can go by uncle’s bike. I said okay. Coz I was crazy on riding bikes. I finished my breakfast soon and went to my room put my t-shirt on and said aunty that I’m ready. She said she will change her dress and she will also come. She changed her dress into a sari and she come. When I look from the back side I can see that she is not wearing bra. Normally village ladies do that. I came to know later. I really didn’t mind whether she wore or not. My interest was on bike. I started bike I asked aunty to get on. She sat on the bike and I started riding.

After some time I’m feeling a kind of softness on my back. Suddenly a hump come I dint see that and bike jumped aunty was about to fall down. I said she can hold me. She holds me on my belly. I started riding again. Now I’m feeling aunty pressing her soft boobs on my back. My dick started slowly growing. And the road was fully gutters and humps so always I use breaks aunty kept pressing her boobs. By this time my dick grown and become big size to its full glory. I doubted that whether my dicks tip is touching on auntie’s hand. We reached market and aunty commented “I really enjoyed the ride, ur very strong” I again said “all coz of my physical exercises”. Then aunty bought vegetables and meat and while we were going back I sit little back leaving little bit space only to aunty. She sat and started pressing her boobs again. But this time she caught her hand on my lower belly. Her hand can really touch my dick. As like before my dick again grown to big size and I can feel my auntie’s hand touching on my dick. But she is unknowingly sitting on my back. I can feel she is pressing her boobs really harder to my back. Really soft and feeling her nipples. Like that I reached home. Aunty went and changed her dress and come back. I ran to bathroom and masturbate after long days. From there onwards I started getting wrong thoughts and some changes in body whenever I see my aunty.

That day by evening my mom and brother come back and we started watching serials. I’m actually not interested on serials coz of Aunty I went and lied on that bed. But today aunty come and sat on the bed with me. But I’m lying down there without my t-shirt. My mom sitting behind us and suddenly my brother also come and lied down near me. All were watching TV. Suddenly the power has gone. My grandma again shouted coz of damn power cut. Suddenly aunty lied near to me and asked my brother also to lie down next to her. I’m lying down to right side aunty also lying down to her right side my brother also. I’m near to the wall, next is aunty and after that my brother and aunty is hugging my brother. I felt I should make some move now. Coz everywhere is dark and my mom went to kitchen with grandma coz there is only candle light. Now me, aunty, and my bro are lying down on the bed. I moved my dick little bit forward to touch auntie’s ass. And her ass is damn hot. Really big! When my dick touched I got a kind of shivering on my body. I gained strength and touched once again. She is not moving her ass at all. I felt like keeping it there itself. I am feeling my dick growing little bit bigger in size I feeling scare also in my mind. Suddenly aunty moved her ass little bit to my side. Now my dick is pressing on her ass hole. I can feel my dick is touching on a gap. She started pushing her ass to me. Suddenly she commented to my brother. “U knows what. You, ur brother looks very strong now a days” and smiled I felt like made fun of me. I tot of hurting her for fun.

I caught auntie’s neck and shake and aunty started laughing. Suddenly aunty caught my hand and put it down. It falls down on her left boob. I got scared and suddenly took it out. After that aunty said to me, that she is hugging my bro I can also hug her. Then I got courage and hugged her through neck. she said she can’t breathe, but its okay. Then after some time I can feel she is pressing her ass harder and suddenly she put her hand to her ass and she itched. I perfectly felt her hand on my dick. I really went hot. Then she took her hand back from there and she caught on my hand and kept little bit down on her left boob. I again took it out from there coz power can come back at any time. I looked at the time still have 10 more minutes then I again hugged aunty. This time I hugged through her shoulder, again she took my hand and kept on her left boob, I closed my eyes, this time I dint took out I just kept there and I can feel she pushing her chest towards my hand. I took the courage and slowly pressed her boob. Suddenly I can feel my auntie’s deep breath on my ears. Suddenly I opened my eyes and looked aunty is looking on my eyes and breathing heavily and asked me “nalla irukka” means nice uh. I just shake my head only. Suddenly power come and she suddenly took out my hand. I went to my bed room again and started masturbating, went down for dinner, aunty is looking at my bare chest and smiling while serving dinner. That day ate dinner and slept off.

Next day morning my mom brought me coffee and I woke and I went to terrace. My eyes are searching for Mala aunty. I can’t find her, mom said she is going for a marriage and asked me whether I’m joining or not. I said no. then she took brother and went for marriage. Then my grandma served me breakfast and I asked grandma where is aunty, then she said she went to paddy fields to check, coz today is Sunday and there r no workers. Then I went to paddy fields to search. I saw Mala aunty talking to a girl. Then I went near to her and she introduced that girl to me. She is daughter of one of the main worker who works there and Mala aunty said her to go back home. Then she left. In the middle of paddy fields they have kind of small shed where all workers keep their dresses and ladies changes their dresses. Mala aunty said there is a pond nearby also. She took me there she told she will teach me swimming. I asked them if somebody come. Then she said this pond is only for workers and nobody will come today. I said okay and lied on her hand and she asked me to swim with my hands and leg. i took out my tracks suit and t-shirt and I’m on an underwear and towel. I can feel her hand perfectly on my dick and I’m feeling like my whole dick is on her hand. And she is on white color nightie and it became full wet in can see her white bra. My dick slowly getting bigger and I’m feeling aunty is pressing on that.

She said enough of swimming today rest will teach tomorrow. Then she said we can dry our clothes on that home. Let’s go there and squeeze our dresses. Actually I have underwear only to squeeze. Then I told Mala aunty I have to squeeze my underwear, she said she will wash it and squeeze it and give. Then I removed and given to her. We went to that small hut and opened the hut. I felt very safe coz hut having windows on all four sides and we can see if someone coming there from very far itself. There is a small coat also. When we entered aunty started washing my underwear and I’m sitting on a towel. Very hardly it’s covering my dick. Suddenly aunty took out her nightie and she put it on a rope there to dry. She is now standing in white bra and pavadai. She said she have to dry all the clothes. Then she come and sits near to me. My dick started growing again and she looked on that and smiled. Suddenly she took my towel to both sides and asked me what this is, I said I don’t know and put my head down. Then she smiled and said I really have a big one and that’s why all girls staring at my bulge.

Then she slowly hold my dick and made my skin down and looked on that and she said to me if I will not tell to anyone she will show me something really excited. I said I will not tell to anyone/ then she kissed on my dick and she took my whole dick to her mouth and started sucking. She is playing with her tongue on the tip of my dick While sucking she unhooked her bra and took my hand to her boobs. And telling u guys it’s really amazing so soft and so big. I touched her nipples with my finger and started squeezing her boobs. Suddenly I’m feeling that my fluid is coming. I’m shouting aaaahhhhhhh aaahhhhh…she again sucked it very hard and all the fluid comes to her mouth. She spit and asked whether I enjoyed or not. I hugged aunty and kissed on her cheeks and started sucking her boobs. Then she said that she will make this day worth remembering for rest of our life. She untied her pavadia and now she is standing on her brown panties. She again sit near to and spread her legs and took my hand and kept on her pussy. I felt kind of hot fluid on her pussy. Suddenly took out my hand. Then aunty said that fluid is coming because aunty got hot. Then I touched there and aunty started rubbing her pussy over her panties with my hand. I was getting again horny and my dick started getting up again.

She pulled my face towards her and started sucking my lips and she is inserting her tongue and touching my tongue. With her hand she is holding my half standing dick and shaking. Then she put my face on her boobs and asked me to drink milk from her boobs. I started sucking her boobs like a baby. Then she asked me to lick her boobs with my tongue. I started licking her nipples only. Suddenly she changed my face to other boobs and asked me to suck that also. She then lied down on the bed and asked me to lie down on her top. I’m lying down naked and she took out her panties also. I’m lying down on her and her boobs r pressing on , my chest and feeling so nice and she started sucking my lips. By this time she started hugging me tightly with her legs also. I can feel hot fluid from her pussy on the tip of my dick suddenly aunty caught my dick and started rubbing that dick on her clit. She is rubbing with my tip. I can feel lot of fluids coming out of her pussy. She asked whether I can give a kiss on her pussy. I said I can. Then I went down and she spread her legs to two sides’ saw her pussy, its black in color and neatly shaven. And when she opened I can see inside with a lubricating fluid with mixed red and black color. I kissed there and she requested me suck. Then I started sucking her pussy walls. She said not there. She touched her clitoris and asked me to suck. I started sucking there and I felt it’s like small nipples and I took the clitoris inside my mouth and started sucking like that same time I inserted one finger inside her pussy. Aunty started moaning oooooohhhh, aaaahhhhh, she started calling my name Suryaaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhh…. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started rotating inside her pussy. Aunty started moving her pelvis up and down. Then aunty called my name and asked me to come and lie on her top and asked me suck her lips. I sucked lips and while sucking I hold her boobs also. She asked me lift my pelvis little bit and she hold my dick and kept on her pussy and she asked me push it inside.

I slowly pushed my dick inside. It’s going down very slowly and I felt my whole dick is inside and my dick end is touching the end of her pussy. She asked me to up and down. I started doing up and down sucking her lips and she is hugging me tightly with her legs and hands. Each and every time I’m doing down I can feel my dick going inside and its very tight and feeling coz of fluid a kind of slippery and its touching on the end of her pussy also. Even she is pushing me from down. Sometimes she does it fast and slow down and she says in my ears to do it slowly. I really did it slowly up and down. Then I took her nipples to my mouth and started doing up n down little more faster. She started shouting very loudly and I can feel her nails on my back it’s painful but I’m enjoying the ride of my dick in my sweet auntie’s pussy. And suddenly she asked me to do it fast I then started doing it fast she moaning loudly…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my cute baaaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyy…. Fasterrrrrrrr fasteerrrrrrrr….. Then I’m also getting to throw my fluid…suddenly aunty hugged me very tightly and kissed on my cheeks same time I also lost my fluid out. And we hugged and slept there. By this time aunt’s nightie and my underwear got dry. And she told me that next Sunday also we can come. I agreed. And we left for the day.
Last time I had sex with that aunty was couple of years back when she come to Bangalore. Telling you all frankly while I’m writing this story my dick is still standing. I have couple of experience more with my colleague and one with a lady met accidently in train. I had a foreplay experience with my ex-gf also. I don’t feel it good to publish. Please leave your comments. I would like to know your comments and experiences. I can make a nice story from your experience without mentioning your names.
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