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Sex With Neighbour's Wife

It was raining heavily when Tony stepped outside into the covered patio to light a cigarette. It usually rains heavily in the late winters in Ohio. Tony was a little tired after coming back from Edison, NJ where he had gone to drop his wife at her sister's place. His wife would be at her sister's place for about a month to help her out with the arrival of a newborn baby. Tony heard the phone ringing inside Is it the phone ringing? Who could it be? It already 11:00 PM Tony said to himself. He had just done talking to his wife. Tony picked up the phone after checking the Caller ID. It was his colleague from the company who stays in the same complex. 

Hey Brij, what's up ? said Tony. Tony, its me Sheetal ......., Brij has again come home drunk and he is very aggressive Sheetal was crying profusely while speaking. He has been abusing me and is ........ beating me again, Oh God ..... Please help me! Tony thought Not again! ..... Not again, This is going way too far 

Brijesh and Sheetal have been married now for the past 1 year and not a single day had passed when Brij would not fight with Sheetal. Sheetal had told Tony's wife, Preeti, that Brij was not able to make Sheetal happy in bed and had drinking problems, the blame for which, as expected, was put on Sheetal. Sheetal, Preeti (Tony's wife and Tony were in the same MBA class and were friends from the University days. This was the sixth time when Sheetal had called up Tony's home. Previously, when this happened, Sheetal would come over to Tony's home since Sheetal, Preeti (Tony's wife) and Tony were good friends. The next day when Brij would be sober, he would apologize and ........ the seeds for another fight were sown. Let me speak to him, get him on the phone said Tony. Brijesh and Tony talked for a while. Brij kept on saying Its OK, I am fine now, she instigated me, its her fault but ....., yes, yes, No, I am fine now Tony knew that his advise was all useless as this will happen again till they fine a real solution. Besides there was no point in Sheetal coming over to sleep over and spend the night since Tony's wife was not at home either. It was not appropriate. Tony thought that this is over and next time when it happens again, they'll suggest something else to Sheetal. After talking for about 12-15 minutes, they hung up the phone and Tony too a deep breath. Tony thought How unfortunate for Sheetal .... 

She is good looking and smart, a little docile but a full grown confident woman She deserves a better life. Tony went inside, kept the cordless phone on the base charger, and got a can of coke, made himself comfortable on the sofa and turned on the TV. ...... And as the usual habits of all men, kept on changing the channels till he found something interesting, interesting it was! The 'Spice channel' is indeed interesting for almost all the men of Tony's age. Tony was a 29-year-old guy from Bombay, 5'10 tall and with decent physique. Gym helps to maintain the body and Tony was a regular visitor to the Gym. Looks wise he was no Salman Khan but still attracted the eyes of the opposite sex. Sheetal on the other hand was a tall woman, about 5'5 tall, good looks, Cleopatra cut hair, nice figure (God must have spent time to create her, regular work outs helped to maintain that!), she would have been 36C-27-36 but there was no way of knowing ...... well, at least till that date. 

The phone rang once again and Tony thought Who the hell is it now?! The Caller ID did not show Brij's number. Tony answered the phone and was surprised to hear Sheetal's voice at the other end. Sheetal was crying and spoke in Hindi Tony, it me again ........ After he talked to you, he got wild at me and attempted to beat me up ...... he pushed me outside and has locked to door. I can't go back in Please pick me up, I am calling from my neighbor's place .......... I'll meet you outside ..... Please come fast Tony picked up his car keys and left to pick her up. There she was, standing under one of the car ports, wearing a nightie, a jacket (which was not hers, may be the neighbors gave it to her), the jacket's hood was up to protect the hair from getting wet. She immediately got in the car and started crying. Tony tried calling up Brij from his cell phone just to give it one last shot but no use. Damn it! He is not picking up the phone said Tony. Since the apartment of Tony and Brij was only a few blocks away, they reached very soon. Tony parked the car and they both went running to the building. Upon reaching the apartment, Tony offered a glass of water to Sheetal. Make-up!!! Sheetal was wearing Make-up!!! Tony got a little confused and asked her why she was wearing make-up. Her eyes had eyeliner and she had some lipstick. Sheetal said that she wanted this night to be good as they had got engaged this day 1 year back. They talked for 5-10 minutes and Sheetal was all the time in tears. She said Today, Brij confessed that he is a homo and has been actively for the past 7-8 months Brij also said that he is not interested in her and that they should break up. It was a big surprise to Tony who had known Brij for the past 2 years and Brij was a very normal, good worker. Sheetal was crying all the time while talking. She said Look at me, whats wrong with me? Am I so bad to look at ? Am I not a woman ? Is it wrong to have physical desires ? Am I repulsive ? She cried again and said Why is this happening with me ? Oh Tony, I am so lonely ….. I am so hurt. Tony tried to pacify her but he knew that crying was the best medicine for Sheetal at the moment. Tony was also at loss of words. What is that one can say which shall make her comfortable ?! He shrugged and then tried it with words There is nothing wrong with you. You are good looking, charming, attractive and desirable …… 

Its just that Brij is a total moron. A 'faggot' moron ! …. and there is nothing wrong in having sexual desires. Tony looked at the open patio door and then at Sheetal who was wearing only a flimsy nightie. Aren't you feeling cold ? he asked and got up to slide close the glass door. Sheetal replied I am so hot that you can fry an egg on my chest. Tony laughed and replied May be, ….. but considering that I prefer full fried egg, it'll be difficult to flip the egg over since all the space is occupied by your lovely breasts. For the first time Sheetal also laughed a little.  Tony took out a cigarette and went out on the patio and Sheetal followed. She asked him Can I have one too ? Tony said Tumne to smoking band kar di thi na ? Sheetal said Chalta hai Tony, kabhi kabhi pi leti hun. They both ignited their cigarettes and were quiet for a few moments. All this while, Tony was looking at the lovely view of the city which his penthouse apartment was able to offer. It was dark and the city lights were making it look like the sky on the ground. 

Sheetal was looking only at Tony. Seeing tears in her eyes, Tony gave her a friendly hug and said Everything will be alright knowing fully is his mind that it won't be. Sheetal threw her cigarette and hugged Tony back a little more tightly. Tony reacted the same way as a reassuring gesture and Sheetal turned a little and gave Tony a full body hug ……. tightened again and didn't release him. She said What was wrong with me, Tony ? Why did you not ask me to marry you when you were attracted to me and everyone knew about it …….. even Preeti ? Was getting married to the topper of the class so important to the second ranker ? Am I less charming and attractive than Preeti ? Why did you break off with me ? Tony replied Don't start this again Kai baar ispe baat ho chuki hai …… you know all the reasons. He released her and ex cused himself indicating that he needs to have a bath. Sheetal said Main doosra bathroom use kar rahi hoon ……… and come out fast, you normally take very long time to have a bath Tony, as usual, took about 45 minutes and when he came out he saw Sheetal sitting on the sofa wearing the same nightie and watching something on the TV. Something !! She had turned on the TV and it was the same 'Spice channel' that was on when Tony had gone to pick her up. Tony said Sheetal, its an adult channel Sheetal replied Well, I am an adult ! … do you mind if I watch a little ?! Tony said Well, no problems ……. make yourself comfortable. There was this guy in the screen making it out with a lovely black hair woman very vigorously. Tony went inside the kitchen to get something to eat. Tomorrow is a weekend and it doesn't matter if one gets up late he said to himself. He got two bowls of ice cream and gave one to Sheetal. He asked her You OK ? Sheetal said NO !  No no no …… I am NOT fine, look at this woman …….. she gets paid to enjoy sex and here I am …… a married woman ……. 

One whom a real man hasn't touched for the past 7 - 8 months ! Should I be OK with that ? Tony saw tears in Sheetal's eyes again and came forward, kept the ice cream bowl on the table and held her hand. He sat nex t to her and placed his other arm around her shoulder and said As I said before, everything will be alright Sheetal looked directly into Tony's eyes and said Tony, I need you to make me feel like a woman once again, I really need you tonight …… its been so long since I have been touched ……….. Its been so long since I felt a man inside me, Tony, mujhe aaj raat tumhari bohut zarootat hai Its been months since I wanted you, I know you and Preeti are very happy together but what should I do ? Sheetal kissed Tony on his lips and took is arm and place it around her back. Tony was a little frozen, was at loss of words and though he had fantasized about her a lot, he had not expected this to happen. 

Trying to manage the situation and thinking about Preeti, he said This is not right, you are trying to get back at Brij, what about Preeti ? Won't it be betraying her trust ? ……. May be its that damn channel you are watching that's making you hot Sheetal replied Preeti ! She know that you and I were close, she also knows that I have always wanted you in bed with me, I have often talked to her about this but she avoided the topic. …… and as for Brij, for one I will never tell him and two, I don't care about him Sheetal continued I really need you tonight Tony, I really want you inside me, I want you to make love to me the way a man should make love to a woman Sheetal was breathing very heavily now and her lips were very close to Tony's lips. Tony could feel Sheetal's body heat and was being pulled in by the sheer magnetic charm of this sexy married woman. Tony said Sheetal, tonight you are upset, angry and aggressive ….. tomorrow you may regret what you do tonight Sheetal didn't say a word but kept staring straight into Tony's eyes. Her lips parted a little and Tony could feel her heavy breathing increasing its pace. 

After a few moments Sheetal said Tomorrow I'll be a happy woman because of what YOU will do to me tonight Sheetal came a little forward and kissed Tony's lips. Her tongue was now exploring Tony's mouth. Sheetal took Tony's hand and parting her nightie, placed it on her waist. She then held him tightly and kept on kissing him for long. Tony was also getting excited and he picked up the TV's remote and switched off the TV. Tony said I don't know if you are ready for all this Sheetal picked up the remote and switched on the TV again. She said I am totally ready for everything ……. everything ! ……and if you are not, let me see if I can make you ready for me She gently place her hand on Tony's dick which by this time was in a semi erect state. Gently she held it and massaged it for a few moments. Both the people were in resonance of excitement. Sheetal kept on kissing Tony's mouth and face and moved her lips to Tony's neck. Tony was feeling Sheetal's bare smooth skin all over her back and waist. By this time both were ex cited beyond any possibility of retreat. Sheetal started to pull up Tony's T-shirt and removed it in a moment. 

She then kissed Tony's bare chest and shoulders, her tongue had now started licking his nipples and moving all around his chest, she also started biting Tony's body every now and then.  Tony adjusted himself on the sofa and made himself more comfortable to hold Sheetal properly, with one hand, he now started to unbutton her light green nightie. My my, Sheetal had some lovely breasts and it was the first time Tony got to see them properly. The lights were on and the woman in the TV was being fucked very vigorously. Sheetal took a glance at the TV and said Tony, I want to get fucked like her, I want to scream like her when you thrust your cock in my we t and warm pussy, oh T onyyyyyyyyy …… touch m e all over, make love to me like this is the end of the world. Tony removed her nightie and for the first time saw how beautiful Sheetal's body was. Sheetal had a near perfect figure, lovely firm breasts, dark pink nipples, such a smooth skin, firm round hips and very proportionate waist. Sexual excitement had made her face red and the flush made her skin red and hot. She was trembling a little maybe because of such an excitement that she had not seen for months ………. May be years. Tony kissed her all over and touched her erect nipples, which sent shudders in Sheetal's body. He then kissed her lovely breasts and started licking her right nipple, with his left arm around her body, he was massaging her left nipple and Tony's right hand had now moved to her pussy. Not a single hair, she did make herself ready for tonight for Brij but it was Tony's destiny to make her feel like a woman tonight. Tony's had felt the heat from Sheetal's pussy and his fingers now started exploring her wet cunt. Gently, he inserted half of his middle finger in Sheetal's wet pussy and with his thumb, he started massaging her clitoris. Sheetal's body shook and trembled. 


Her beautiful nails were now making scratch marks on Tony's back. Sheetal then pushed herself forward to have Tony's middle finger fully inside her wet and flowing cunt. She tried moving her body to get some rhythms but they were difficult for her. Her body was now sweating and her cunt juices smell was making both of them excited to the limit. Sheetal clasped her legs hand squeezed her pussy muscles to tighten the hold of Tony's finger. Tony understood Sheetal's need to feel the movement of his finger and he started sliding his finger in and out of Sheetal's wet cunt while he continued massaging her left breast with his left arm around her and kept on licking and sucking her right nipple. 


Her teeth were tightly closed and I bet she could have crushed a diamond if it was between her teeth. A few moments later, suddenly, Sheetal had her first orgasm. 


Tony was surprised to see Sheetal reach an intense orgasm so soon. He stiff body was now relaxed and Sheetal was panting, breathing heavily, with sweat drops covering her body. Her skin was now redder than ever. Sheetal looked at Tony with an ex pressionless face. Her large eyes were wide open, lips parted and mouth dry. Sheetal said The appetizer was good, lets see what we have for dinner !! She got up from the sofa and stood in front of Tony who was still sitting on the sofa. Facing Tony, she placed her left leg next to Tony's right leg and lifted her right leg across Tony's face and placed it on the sofa's backrest near Tony's left shoulder. With a smile on her face, Sheetal said Show me how good you are with your mouth, lets see if you are really as good as Preeti says you are with your mouth I am flowing Tony, suck my wild cunt! ……. Or as you guys call it 'Choot' ?! ….. Suck my CHOOT, Tony …….. Eat me in !!! …….. Sheetal was now getting raunchy and wild. The volume of her voice had been high but now …… it was out right TV newsreader type. Tony reacted by saying that the neighbors may hear them if she is loud. Sheetal replied by saying The fuck do I care …… For all you know, Dipika is also being fucked right now by her husband and I am the only one who had had lonely nights Its my night tonight …… and I want a real man inside my CHOOT She then pulled Tony's head towards her wet cunt and Tony loved her pussy smell, he started licking her cunt lips which were now hot and swollen. Sheetal using her right hand parted her cunt lips so that Tony could lick them and suck them better. Her left hand held Tony's hear firmly pushing into her wet pussy. Tony licked and sucked her cunt for about 3-4 minutes when Sheetal's body became stiff again. He looked up at her face every now and then to see her expressions. Sheetal's face was now getting very tensed. Her eyes were closed and mouth was open like 'O' shape, she was frequently using her tongue to wet her lips, mostly the upper lip as if applying 'Chap stick' on her upper lip. Then again she screamed. 


She pulled Tony's hair with one hand and with another she was pushing his head towards her wet pussy. Tony wanted to look at her face but she did not let his head move away from her cunt lips. Tony could feel Sheetal's body loosening but continued sucking and licking her clitoris and her cunt lips. His tongue was exploring Sheetal's 'Love hole', Tony continued this for a few more moments and Sheetal got another orgasm. 


After another intense orgasm, she made her body almost fall on the sofa next to Tony's left side. Tony thought for a moment that now she is climaxed and would come back to normal state. As for Sheetal, she had different thoughts. She got up from the sofa after 20-30 seconds and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Tony watched her going towards the kitchen. What a wonderful figure she had maintained. Her hips moved in perfection, her body movement was no less than an enticing dance. She was so beautiful; her naked skin was so smooth and sexy, the night-lights from the lamps were making her skin glow like gold. God really spent time in creating her. After having a glass of water, Sheetal came back towards Tony, stood in front of him, smiled and said Now I know why Preeti is dead tired and weak every morning Sheetal then with her left hand cupped and her left breast and placed her right hand on her wet cunt. Squeezing her breast and slightly rubbing her pussy with her hand, Sheetal continued with a smile on her face Are you ready to fuck my hot cunt ? …….. Are you as hot as I am ? …….Lets see tumhari kya haalat hai Tony was very surprised at the way Sheetal was talking. He looked at her face and his heart melted. She was looking so charming, so attractive, and so beautiful. Her face was glowing, her smile was enchanting, and her eyes had the world of mystery hidden in them. Her lovely diamond nose pin refracted the room lights like a lightning spark all the time. She was in image of Tony's dream woman and everyone in Tony's friend circle knew that a nose pin was Tony's weakness. Sheetal's face could have been compared with Aishwarya Rai, in terms of looks, Sheetal was not far away from our Ms. World. Sheetal continued How would you feel if I talk to you in hindi ? Tony got up from the sofa, took her hands in his and kissed her palms. Sheetal moved her hands and held Tony's neck, pulling his head towards her, she kissed Tony deeply. She then place her hands on Tony's back and caressed his bare skin, her hands gently moving up and down is back now slid down and inside Tony's boxer shorts, Sheetal caressed Tony's hips and squeezed them at first, then, almost dug her long lovely nails in his hips. She released herself from that passionate kiss and bent down on her knees removing Tony's shorts simultaneously. 

Sheetal looked at Tony's erect prick, which was almost as if taking off in the sky and with a faint smile on her face said Lovely ! Your rod ……… Lund ! …… right ?! ….is very lovely and soon you'll thrust this in my hot cunt ….. my 'Choot' right ?! Tony and Sheetal both smiled looking at each other. Sheetal held Tony's erect prick and tightly squeezed it, then pulled it almost to the extent of tearing it out. Tony uttered OOOOOOOOHHH. Sheetal moved forward, wetted her lips and in one go took half of Tony's erect and hard 'Lund' in her mouth. Her hands were now on Tony's ass, her nails almost digging into his hips. Tony's body stiffened and moved forward so that Sheetal may be able to take his lund fully in her mouth but Sheetal choked and coughed. She said Mujhe maaro ge kya ? Tumhara LUND Brij ke lund se bohut bada hai Tony ……. 9 inches ? Tony replied No, its only 7.5 inches Sheetal: Par mota hai Saying this, she again started sucking Tony's stiff, hard Lund, her tongue was moving on his thick rod. The sounds ….. Slurp, slurp, slurp was making Tony more excited. They both looked at each other and smiled. While Sheetal was profusely licking and sucking Tony's lund aggressively and winking at times, Tony was feeling happy to see the lovely sight of his fully erect Lund being licked by Sheetal's tongue and going in and out of Sheetal's mouth with her lips encircling his 'Love Rod' Such a beautiful face, the sight was lovely, Sheetal's diamond nose pin was shining on her face and her mouth was doing wonders on Tony's Lund. Sheetal moved back and said Tony, tumhe maza aa raha hai ? Bolo kaisa lag raha hai jab doosre ke biwi tumhara lund apne mooh me le kar choos rahi hai ?! Sheetal caressing Tony's fully erect Lund, moving her hand back and forth on Tony's shaft continued in loud voice Tony, mujhe chodne ka mann kar raha hai kya ? ……… Tony, meri choot tumhare LUND ke liye tarap rahi hai ……. Bolo Tony, bolo …….. apne lund se meri choot ki pyas mitao ge kya ?? She was frequently glancing at the TV where scenes had changed but the rampant sex was still being broadcasted. Tony was totally excited and was at loss of word, he was surprised to see this beautiful woman's behavior and her erotic verbal tone. 

Sheetal with her one hand was massaging her wet cunt and with her other hand encircling Tony's erect lund, was moving back and forth. She was literally pulling it with all her force. Sheetal stood up and said Tony, mujhe itna chodo ki meri jaan nikal jaae Hearing this, Tony got more excited and took Sheetal near the dinning table. He lifted her left leg and placed it on the dining table, Sheetal's body was so flex ible that she had no problem in stretching out on this. Then, adjusting one chair to support himself using on hand, Tony bent a little, guiding his hard erect cock towards Sheetal's wet dripping cunt, started rubbing it on Sheetal's cunt lips and teased Sheetal's 'love hole'. Sheetal balanced herself by putting her left arm on Tony's shoulder and another on Tony's chest. Sheetal was now biting her lower lip and using her tongue, wetting both the lips time and again was breathing so heavily that she could have collapsed. Tony rubbed Sheetal's clit and pussy lips with his lund for some moments and realized Sheetal's need to have his fully erect rod inside her choot as she was bending down again and again to facilitate entry.  Tony mard ke bachche, chodo meri choot ko …….. FUCK ME with your hard lund Tony positioned his stiff love rod at Sheetal's wet cunt entrance and gradually inserted it half inside …. Slowly …. and slowly. 

Sheetal was looking down at his shaft going inside her choot. Her mouth was open, her eyes were wide open and she was uttering OOOOOOH …….. HOOOOOOO …….. HOOOOOOH !!! while breathing very heavily, her chest was expanding and contracting with every heavy breath and her breasts were swollen like ripe alfanso mangos. Her nipples were erect and her facial expressions were that of a shock. Sheetal's whole body shook and trembled as Tony's lund inched inside her choot. Very soon, Tony's lund was fully inside Sheetal's cunt and with every diagonal in and out thrust, Sheetal's cunt muscles were contracting to grip and massage Tony's stiff cock. Sheetal most of the time was looking at Tony's shaft thrusting in and out of her wet & fully lubricated choot. Tony continued the diagonal pelvic thrusts and with one hand supporting his bent and tilted body using the dinning chair's backrest, placed his other hand from over Sheetal's thigh onto her left buttock. He then gripped her buttock and started thrusting aggressively and with 'jhatka'. Sheetal was still in a state of total excitement and her eyes were wide open, her mouth was open too hand her breathing had increased. Tony was vigorously thrusting his stiff lund in Sheetal's swollen, wet and well lubricated Choot, Sheetal was also enjoying in ecstasy and her cunt muscles were contracting and squeezing Tony's erect dick. Within moments Sheetal shook and froze. 


She gripped Tony's shoulders and moaned loudly once again looking down at Tony's shaft entering her lubricated pussy. I bet her screams could have been heard even outside the corridor. Tony couldn't bear the cramps and took out his lund from Sheetal's choot. Holding Sheetal's hand, Tony moved her towards the dinning chair and sat down with his legs on either side of the chair. Tony said Let me get some condoms, we are not protected. Sheetal was still trembling and replied I don't care Tony, I want to feel your raw lund in my choot without the condom She then caressed Tony's face and moved her fingers in Tony's hair, while doing this, she positioned herself in a way to have her rammed cunt directly above Tony's erect lund. Her cunt lips were now touching Tony's cock head and gradually she sat on Tony's lap fully inserting his lund in her choot in one go. She then kissed Tony's lips and her tongue explored Tony's mouth. Sheetal whispered I feel so complete with you inside me ……. I've always wanted you ……. Fantasized about you and here we are in real ……. But only for some time She continued I wish I was your wife …. But so what ?! …… I hope it's ex citing for you to know that you are FUCKING someone else's wife ….. that your lovely lund is ramming someone else's wife's hot cunt Sheetal had started moving up and down and their bare skin contact was too exciting for both of them. Both Sheetal and Tony were perspiring and the amorous smell of the sweat and Sheetal's wet cunt was adding to the excitement. Tony realized that Sheetal was getting tired of thrusting her cunt up and down on his shaft. They both kissed each other's mouth and face constantly while fucking. Sheetal slowed down and held Tony in her arms and then stopped moving. 

Tony also didn't release his hug for some time till her heard Sheetal's whimpering, he pushed her a little and looked at her face. Sheetal's eyes were wet with tears. Within moments, she started crying. Tony asked What's the matter ?! Hey …. Hey ….. look at me Sheetal took a deep breath, looking at Tony, she replied I am very happy tonight Tony …….. mujhe apne bistar pe le chalo ……… mujhe apne bistar pe chodo ……. Fuck my brains out with the thrusts of your hard ….. LUND Tony by now was very excited, he was hearing Sheetal speak like this for the first time in his life and it was too much for him to retain his civilized image. Tony looked at Sheetal's beautiful face and her glittering nose pin and said Theek hai Sheetal, jaisa tujhe chaiye, waisa main karoonga He lifted Sheetal in his arms and carried her in his bedroom like a prince sweeping a princess away. He dropped Sheetal on his bed and stood by the bedside holding his fully erect lund in his one hand. He looked at Sheetal with hungry eyes and massaged his prick. Then, climbing on the bed, he parted Sheetal's legs, positioned himself over Sheetal's sexy beautiful body and started rubbing his cockhead on her wet hot Chut. Sheetal moaned in pleasure and looked at Tony with lust in her eyes. 

She turned a bit to see how they both were looking in the full-length mirrors that were on the closet doors. She then held Tony's well built body, pulled him close to feel his naked skin against her and said Apna lund ghusao meri chut main Tony …… chodo is aurat ko Tony in one go thrusted his stiff cock inside her cunt and started fucking her aggressively. His thrusts were wild and hard and Sheetal was literally screaming OOOOOOOOOH MY GOD, OOOOOOH TONY ……. HOOOOOO ……..UUUUUUUFFFF ………..UUUMMMMGGGG Tony was out of control and fondling her breasts, licked her erect nipples, said Yeh le Sheetal …..ab bataa …… aysi chudai hui hai kya kabhi teri ? He continued Aaj mai tujhe itna chodunga ke teri chut sooj ke lal ho jai gi Sheetal answered Haan Tony, UMMMMMMMM …….. AAAAAAH …….CHODTE RAHO MUJHE …. HAAAAAAN ……. OOOOOOOHHHH …….UUUUUUUUGGGG While Tony was thrusting, Sheetal kept bending forward to see Tony's Love rod going in and out of her wet & hot pussy. She also moved a bit to see themselves in the mirror opposite to the bed where Sheetal was being fucked thoroughly. Tony continued his aggressive thrusting Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap …… sounds were making both of them vigorous. Sheetal continued squeezing Tony's prick with her cunt muscles and was about to come again. Her face froze and her eyes were wide open. 

Her face now had a shocked look and she screamed while getting another orgasm OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH T onyyyyyyyyy ……… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ……….. HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA UGGGGGGGG UUUUGGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH…….!!! Sheetal got an intense orgasm and collapsed on the bed covering her face with her palms. Tony was also about to come now and continued his thrusts. Just then, Tony removed his lund from Sheetal's chut and asked her to turn around and go on her knees. Sheetal asked Are you going to fuck me in my ass ?! ……. Tony, kya tum meri gaand main apna lund ghusao ge ?! Tony by this time knew that Sheetal wanted to talk dirty and hear the same language. Tony replied Teri gaand to baad mein chodunga …… pahle teri chut main itna chodna hai ki teri jaan nikal jae ….. jaisa tumko chaiye tha ! Saying this he helped Sheetal to take the 'Doggie' style, Tony positioned himself and inserted his lund in Sheetal's chut from behind. Sheetal said Bas Tony, mera sar ghoom raha hai itne orgasms se Tony started thrusting harder and faster, he was about to reach an intense orgasm. Sheetal was huffing and puffing as if her heavy breathing was a signature of her pleasures. Sheetal turned her head a little and said Fuck me in my ass …… Gaand mein chodo mujhe Tony continued his pelvic thrusting and while holding her short hair with one hand and resting his other hand on Sheetal's waist, said Wo kal karange Sheetal's body again got tensed and she screamed OOOHHHHHH Tonyyyyyyy …… HAAAAAAAAAAHHHH …… HAAAAH ……OOOOOOOHHHH …. COME INSIDE ME ….. SHOOT YOUR LOAD INSIDE ME ….. FUUUUUCK MEEEEE HAAAARDERRR  Tony by this time was at the peak and also came intense HOOOOOOOOOH Sheeeeeeeetalll ……. I am comingggggggg …! 

His intense orgasm was too much for him and he went wild in his thrusting at the same time pulling Sheetal's hair and tightening his grip on her waist. His fully erect cock was ramming Sheetal's poor pussy in intense aggression. Tony loaded Sheetal's choot with his semen and stopped after a few powerful thrusts. Tony's semen was flowing out of Sheet's thoroughly fucked cunt. Sheetal just collapsed on the bed as she was extremely tired after ex periencing so many orgasms in just one night. Sheetal and Tony kissed while lying in each other's arms. Sheetal said very lovingly Tony, let me sleep in your arms tonight Tony agreed and caressed her bare sensuous skin and moved his fingers in Sheetal's hair till she fell asleep hugging Tony. It must have been around 10:00 AM in the morning when the doorbell rang. Tony got up, walked to the living room, wore his boxer shorts, picked up the towel and placed it around his neck. He opened the door and saw Dipika standing there. Dipika was married to Yatin Ahuja who worked in an IT company in the same city. Dipika was a typical 35-year-old Delhi woman from Pitampura in New Delhi and had an 8 year old daughter called Neena. She was in her night suite and her long hair was untied, falling to her waistline. She was another voluptuous beauty with a diamond nose pin. Tony said Ms. Ahuja, how nice to see you …. Come in Dipika came inside the apartment and replied smiling I must have rang your bell 7-8 times ……. I believe Preeti is back since I heard a lot of ……. Nice sounds and speech last night ….. you know the walls are not so sound proof !  Looking at love bites and scratch marks on Tony's body, she continued point finger at Tony's chest  ….. and there is her attendance sheet!! Just that very moment, Sheetal walked into the living room, stark naked, picked up her nighty, wore it, looked at Dipika, winked at her and walked into the kitchen saying hello. 

Dipika's jaw dropped and she was shocked seeing Sheetal and Tony together in that state. Her mind raced and she immediately knew what must have happened between them last night. Sheetal got three glasses and Kern's guava juice on the dinning table and said Dipika, where is Yatin ? Dipika replied Uh … oh … mmm … he has gone to Plano, Texas for 3 weeks, he is staying in some hotel near College Station, he went 4 days back …… She continued So you and Tony were ……. Last night, I heard …. So you were here last night ….. and I heard some ….. Sheetal by now was sitting on the dinning chair having juice, she lifted her one leg up and interrupted YES, I was here last night and you know what …. It was my 'Suhaagraat' …. I was fucked thoroughly last night … and it was the best fuck in my life. Tony fucked my brains out ….. and my choot is still swollen with the remarkable work of his lund Sheetal looked directly into Dipika's eyes. Tony also looked at Dipika smilingly. Dipika was in a total shock and was at loss of words. Very embarassed as well, I must say. Sheetal got up and went in the kitchen saying Dipika sit down and have breakfast with us Dipika looked at Tony, smiled lightly and said This is interesting …. very interesting !!! Sheetal replied You have no idea how interesting it was last night ….. I guess you'll never know! Will she or Won't she - The not so eternal question.
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